Stories of Success

3 Centers Serving Children in Cities

1. Chicago, IL, U.S.: The Art Space

The Art Space is located in a busy mall, next to an indoor playground. It is a place where children work on art projects together with their parents and with other families, creating art and friendships. A meeting hall farther inside the space makes it possible to offer classes and invite families to worship with new friends.

2. El Monte, CA, U.S.: Vietnamese Language School

The Vietnamese Seventh-day Adventist church runs a Vietnamese language school as a way of reaching out to the 100,000 Vietnamese living in the greater Los Angeles area. Classes are taught in after school hours, in the church classrooms and gymnasium. Through the classes, church members get to know community members, and can offer other classes or services to meet their needs.

3. Haifa, Israel: Children's Cooking Classes

A center located at a tourist hotspot in downtown Haifa offers cooking classes for children along with other classes that meet the needs of local residents. The front wall of the center is all glass, making the center feel very inviting, and providing free advertising since passersby see activities taking place just a few feet away.